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  Development and Promotion of the Standards for the Recycling of Carton in Hubei Leading Packaging Co., Ltd.
  Our company is the first packaging company to promote the reuse of carton packaging in the country. In 2005, it began to invest in the research and development of new materials, and was successfully developed in 2012. On July 1, 2012, the corrugated cardboard box for cigarettes produced with new materials was tested in Hunan Zhongyan, achieving the effect of repeated use of more than 6 times, reducing the packaging procurement cost by more than 5 times, and saving 80% of the paper consumption. the above.
  On December 14, 2012, our company cooperated with Hunan China Tobacco Technology Center to apply for a project to amend the new standard of China National Tobacco Corporation's re-baking cigarette package, and obtained approval. In May 2013, the company signed a standard revision contract, August 2014. On the 15th, industry standards were published online and declared national standards. Among them, the standard kick-off meeting will be held once, the expert argumentation meeting will be held three times, and the expert review meeting will be held once. Four companies have done destructive experiment reports and used experimental reports. In October 2015, Hunan Zhongyan tried a small batch of formula cigarettes, which achieved good results and reached more than 6 times of repeated use, which reduced the packaging cost by more than 80% and the paper cost by more than 80%. Fully promoted and used in 2016. In 2016, China National Tobacco Corporation put forward the goal of “reducing the efficiency of the whole industry by 10 billion yuan” and put forward the requirement of “re-use of re-cooked cigarettes to promote reuse”. Therefore, the annual demand for re-baking cigarettes in the tobacco industry is 10 million sets, with a purchase amount of 1 billion yuan and a paper consumption of 160,000 tons. Each recirculating cigarette case is calculated in three times (including 2 years in stock), which can bring huge economic benefits. On average, it can reduce the packaging procurement cost by 600 million yuan per year and save 100,000 tons of paper.
  On April 21, 2016, at the packaging industry innovation exchange meeting organized by China Packaging Federation, the leaders of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Haier, Gree, Wahaha and other packaging materials demand enterprises and packaging materials supply companies gathered here to exchange innovations in packaging materials. And application. At the meeting, our company made a speech to promote the reuse of corrugated carton packaging, which was well received by the participants.
  At present, our company is actively organizing professional teams to set up R&D centers to promote new materials to large-scale packaging, heavy-duty packaging, raw materials for industrial enterprises, spare parts packaging, etc., and to develop new standards for the reuse of relevant carton packaging. In anticipation of bringing greater economic benefits to users, it will bring greater social benefits to the country.