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Enterprise packaging standard customization
    In recent years, Hubei Leading Packaging Co., Ltd. has continued to promote the talent strategy. While focusing on the internal training of academic leaders, it has also recruited talents through various channels such as external recruitment to create a professional R&D team with professional level and comprehensive quality. Hubei Leading Packaging Co., Ltd. has 20 scientific and technical professionals, including 8 masters and 3 doctors. It is a company with reasonable talent structure in the industry. The company is also employed by research institutes such as Wuhan University and Jiangnan University. Five well-known experts and scholars inside and outside the industry, as special experts, participated in scientific research activities, and the research strength is very strong. In 2013, Hubei Leading Packaging Co., Ltd., together with Hunan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd., National Tobacco Standardization Research Center, Changde Furong Industrial Development Co., Ltd., participated in the revision of the 2013 tobacco industry standards (see National Tobacco Branch (2013) No. 115 39 re-baking pieces of cigarette packaging, corrugated carton packaging). According to the requirements of customers on the various indicators of packaging, according to the characteristics of customers, we propose a packaging standard construction plan that meets the needs of customers.